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Español Inglés - Español - root
s. raíz, cepejón; corazón, mera raíz
v. arraigar, enraizar
Portugués Inglés - Portugués - root
s. raiz; origem; base, fundamento
v. arraigar, enraizar, fixar; escavar, fuçar
Francés Inglés - Francés - root
n. racine, source; base, fondement
v. s'enraciner, planter
Alemán Inglés - Alemán - root
n. Grund; Wurzel; Basis; Fundament
v. verwurzeln; fest einpflanzen; anwachsen (Pflanze)
Italiano Inglés - Italiano - root
s. (Bot) radice; origine, principio, causa; (fig) fondo, essenza, centro, nocciolo; ceppo, capostipite; radicale, base radicale
v. piantare; abbarbicare; (fig) inchiodare; (fig) originare, dare origine a, produrre, causare; sradicare, estirpare, svellere
Ruso Inglés - Ruso - root
с. корень, корнеплод, саженец, корнеплоды; основа, основание, причина, источник; предок, основатель рода, прародитель
г. пустить корни; приковывать; подрывать корни, рыть землю рылом, поощрять, ободрять
Turco Inglés - Turco - root
f. kök salmak, kökleşmek, yerleşmek, kökleştirmek, çakmak, eşelemek, burnu ile eşelemek, deşmek, araştırmak
i. kök, köken, kaynak, temel, esas neden, altında yatan neden, akortta temel nota
Inglés Neerlandés - Inglés - root
n. retting, dice
Albanés Inglés - Albanés - root
n. burim, rrënjë, zanafillë, shkak
v. gozhdoj, rrënjos
adj. rrënjësor
Neerlandés Inglés - Neerlandés - root
zn. wortel; oorsprong
ww. wortel schieten; geworteld zijn; wroeten, woelen; te voorschijn halen, opscharrelen
Inglés Inglés - Inglés - root
n. part of a plant growing underground which anchors the plant and absorbs water and nutrients; part which anchors; source, origin; base, fundamental part; number that multiplied by itself yields a given number (Mathematics)
v. plant, cause to develop roots; dig in the ground with the snout; fix in place, spellbind; cheer, encourage
n. retting, dice
Griego Inglés - Griego - root
ουσ. ρίζα
ρήμ. ριζώ, ριζούμαι, επευφημώ, ριζώνω
Chino simplificado Inglés - Chino simplificado - root
(名) 根; 根菜类; 地下茎; 根部
(动) 生根; 根源在于, 来源于; 固定; 使生根; 使固定; 使扎根; 根除; 用鼻拱翻; 搜寻; 用鼻拱土; 搜寻; 翻找; 打气; 声援; 喝彩
Chino Tradicional Inglés - Chino Tradicional - root
(名) 根; 根菜類; 地下莖; 根部
(動) 生根; 根源在於, 來源於; 固定; 使生根; 使固定; 使紮根; 根除; 用鼻拱翻; 搜尋; 用鼻拱土; 搜尋; 翻找; 打氣; 聲援; 喝彩
Japonés Inglés - Japonés - root
(動) 根付かせる; 定着させる; 鼻先で掘り返す; 声援を送る
(名) 根; 地下茎; 根元; 原因; 根源
Coreano Inglés - Coreano - root
명. 뿌리; 조상; 원천; 근거, 본질; 수학에서 루트, 근
동. 뿌리를 내리다; 코로 땅을 헤집다; 고착시키다; 힘을 북돋아주다
noun: the part of a tooth that is embedded in the jaw and serves as support
noun: (linguistics) the form of a word after all affixes are removed
noun: (botany) the usually underground organ that lacks buds or leaves or nodes; absorbs water and mineral salts; usually it anchors the plant to the ground
noun: a number that when multiplied by itself some number of times equals a given number
noun: a simple form inferred as the common basis from which related words in several languages can be derived by linguistic processes
noun: the set of values that give a true statement when substituted into an equation
noun: the place where something begins, where it springs into being Example:Communism's Russian root.
noun: someone from whom you are descended (but usually more remote than a grandparent)
verb: come into existence, originate Example:The problem roots in her depression.
verb: take root and begin to grow Example:This plant roots quickly.
verb: cause to take roots
verb: plant by the roots
verb: become settled or established and stable in one's residence or life style
verb: dig with the snout Example:The pig was rooting for truffles.
verb: take sides with; align oneself with; show strong sympathy for Example:We all rooted for the home team.
name: A surname (common: 1 in 14285 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #1834)

Sinónimos para root
1. foundation: basis, footing, base, cause, motive, grounds, reason
2. underground plant growth: root-stock, tuber, bulb, rootlet
Tiempos para root
Present participle: rooting
Present: root (3.person: roots)
Past: rooted
Future: will root
Present conditional: would root
Present Perfect: have rooted (3.person: has rooted)
Past Perfect: had rooted
Future Perfect: will have rooted
Past conditional: would have rooted

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