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Español Inglés - Español - matter
s. materia, asunto, cosa, cuestión, sujeto; material, substancia, sustancia
v. tener importancia, contar, importar
Portugués Inglés - Portugués - matter
s. matéria, corpo, substância; assunto; negócio; importância; quantidade
v. importar, interessar; ser importante, ser significativo
Francés Inglés - Francés - matter
n. matière, question, affaire, chose; fond, substance
v. avoir de l'importance, importer, être significatif
Alemán Inglés - Alemán - matter
n. Material; Gegenstand, Sache, Angelegenheit; Thema; Eiter
v. wichtig sein
Italiano Inglés - Italiano - matter
s. materia; argomento; contenuto, sostanza; faccenda, affare, questione, caso; motivo, causa, occasione; importanza, interesse, rilievo; materiale, documenti; (Tip) composizione; stampati; (Tip
v. importare, avere importanza; (Med) suppurare
Ruso Inglés - Ruso - matter
с. вещество, материал, оригинал, гной, материя, содержание, сущность, предмет обсуждения, предмет, дело, вопрос, повод, рукопись
г. иметь значение, гноиться
Turco Inglés - Turco - matter
f. önemi olmak, önemli olmak, iltihaplanmak
i. madde, cisim, husus, şey, konu, mesele, önem, öz, iltihap, cerahat, irin
Albanés Inglés - Albanés - matter
n. lëndë, material, thelb, përmbajtje, çështje, arësye, rast, shkas, arsye, qelb [mjek.]
Neerlandés Inglés - Neerlandés - matter
zn. stof, materie, ding, zaak, affaire, aangelegenheid, aanleiding, reden, zetsel
ww. betekenen, belan4: van belan4 ziin
Inglés Inglés - Inglés - matter
n. physical material (as opposed to spiritual); substance of a particular composition and consistency; issue, affair; excreted material; typed or written material; something that has mass and takes up space
v. be important, be significant
adj. weary, exhausted, weakened, exploited; mat, dull, lusterless, dim, faded; drab, dismal
Griego Inglés - Griego - matter
ουσ. ζήτημα, ουσία, ύλη, πράγμα, υπόθεση, ενδιαφέρο
ρήμ. σημαίνω
Neerlandés Alemán - Neerlandés - matter
flauwe ,flets ,fletse
Chino simplificado Inglés - Chino simplificado - matter
(名) 事件, 原因, 物质
(动) 有关系, 要紧; 化脓
Chino Tradicional Inglés - Chino Tradicional - matter
(名) 事件, 原因, 物質
(動) 有關係, 要緊; 化膿
Japonés Inglés - Japonés - matter
(動) 重要である
(名) 物質; 質; 問題; 事態; 事柄
Coreano Inglés - Coreano - matter
명. 물질; 특별한 화합물; 사건; 인쇄물; 사태
동. 문제가 되다, 중요하다
noun: (used with negation) having consequence Example:They were friends and it was no matter who won the games.
noun: a vaguely specified concern Example:Several matters to attend to.
noun: a problem Example:Is anything the matter?.
noun: written works (especially in books or magazines) Example:He always took some reading matter with him on the plane.
noun: that which has mass and occupies space Example:An atom is the smallest indivisible unit of matter.
noun: some situation or event that is thought about Example:It is a matter for the police.
verb: have weight; have import, carry weight Example:It does not matter much.
name: A surname (rare: 1 in 100000 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #13712)

Sinónimos para matter
1. affair: business, undertaking, circumstance, concern, situation
2. substance: material, element, medium, body, stuff, thing, substantiality
3. trouble: difficulty, distress, perplexity
4. subject: topic, content, essence, focus, theme, resolution, interest
5. pus: sore, infection, maturation
6. count: value, mean, signify, weigh, import
7. discharge pus: fester, decay
Tiempos para matter
Present participle: mattering
Present: matter (3.person: matters)
Past: mattered
Future: will matter
Present conditional: would matter
Present Perfect: have mattered (3.person: has mattered)
Past Perfect: had mattered
Future Perfect: will have mattered
Past conditional: would have mattered

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